Hotel Cortijo Torre de la Reina

The Tower began its life as a caliphal Almohad defence fortress for Moorish Seville, subsequently becoming a Royal outpost for the King of Castille and Leon, Ferdinand III the Saint, during the reconquest of the city in 1248.

Its namesake stems from the late 13th and early 14th centuries, when it became property of Maria de Molina, Queen of Castilla, hence Torre de la Reina or Tower of the Queen.

The magnificent and extensive gardens contribute an extraordinary beauty to the Tower. Now a luxury boutique hotel, Torre de la Reina offers its guests a rare opportunity to bask in the glories of History, Art and Nature on the doorsteps of the city of Seville.

The house boasts great cultural significance, for as well as a National Monument and a Royal property; it is unique in all of the Seville area for being the only remaining rural construction from its period.